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[Volume - 09, Issue - 02]
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Title : Worth Chain search of Freshwater Apple Snail (Pila globosa) Utilized for On-Homestead Feeds in the Freshwater Prawn Cultivating Segment in Bangladesh
Abstract :

Development of the freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) area in Bangladesh since 1970s has been upheld by common accessibility of freshwater apple snail (Pila globosa), utilized for on-ranch prawn sustains. The present examination distinguished the momentum setup of the worth chain advantages and limitations of freshwater apple snail in south-western Bangladesh in August 2011, in view of Fast Market Evaluation (RMA) approach. The site of snail accumulation was Chanda Beel in Gopalganj locale, while exchanging, preparing and last utilization was spoken to by Rayer Mahal Bazar in Khulna area. There were seven unique hubs perceived all through the worth chain. Snail promoting was recognized as a regular business and occurred during June to November every year. Somewhere in the range of 1995 and 2011 the cost of entire snail, meat and shell has expanded by 800%, 325% and 315%, separately. The bounty of snail had been diminished and its interest has expanded because of the development of the prawn cultivating industry. Prawn ranchers favored snail meat because of its ease (US$ 0.21 kg-1) as a wellspring of protein contrasted with business prawn feed (US$ 0.41 kg-1). Snail collecting and handling were considered as extra employment choices for poor people, where 60% of the work engaged with snail reaping were ladies, and 95% the de-shelling workforce. Prompted reproducing in bondage and economical administration in nature just as improvement of business generation of apple snails may decrease the weight on environments and decidedly added to the proceeded with extension of freshwater prawn cultivating in Bangladesh.

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