Journal ID : ALS-10-12-2022-5668
[Volume - 12, Issue - 11]
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Title : Viability of Ouled Bechih forest (Algeria)
Abstract :

This work consists in evaluating the viability and the degradation by the various pressures affecting the stand of Q. suber and Q. canariensis of the Ouled Bechih forest. The collection of data related to this work has used a random forest inventory and a count of pressures. The state was evaluated by analyzing these components. The results obtained showed that the stand of the Ouled Bechih forest is of good quality according to the PHF index (221) and zero mortality, but this does not prevent the forest from being subject to pressures of biotic and abiotic origin. Grazing and illegal logging are the most important pressures from anthropic actions. However, these pressures, the forest are classified as a viable ecosystem. This good level of viability of this forest implies the proposition of a management plan to conserve it; monitoring is an essential activity, hence the propositions of a permanent monitoring plan for the forest.

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