Journal ID : ALS-25-07-2023-5684
[Volume - 13, Issue - 05]
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Title : Utilization of Municipal Wastes in Agriculture
Abstract :

India produce huge amount of solid and liquid municipal waste daily most of which getsdisposed of unscientifically mainly due to lack of manpower, poor governance, urbanization, population growth, low level of environmental awareness and inadequate management. There are several technologies, which can safely recycle this massive burden of municipal waste. Composting, vermicomposting and biochar preparation are efficient ways to convert the biodegradable solid waste into agriculturally used products. Non-biodegradable parts of solid wastes can be prolyzed to produce non-renewable hydrocarbon fuels. Techniques like constructed wetlamd can be prove to be economical as well as efficient to remove to contaminants from municipal wastewater for supplemental irrigation.

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