Journal ID : ALS-20-12-2020-5547
[Volume - 10, Issue - 07]
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Title : Using Video in Role Playing Technique to Improve the Elementary School Students’ Speaking Ability
Abstract :

Speaking is the earliest skill among other language skills acquired by children and serves as the medium most frequently used in communication. Nevertheless, speaking becomes a difficult skill when performed in public, especially for elementary school. This study aims at describing how the use of video as the media in role playing in teaching speaking to elementary school students can improve their ability in speaking. This is a qualitative study using classroom action research as the design. The subject was the elementary school students at SDI Khaira Ummah Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The selected video was entitled ―As a Result of Telling Lies‖ which was played before the students were asked to speak. The data were the students’ oral expression ability collected using tests, interviews, observation and documentation. The results of data analysis show that the students’ speaking ability improves in every cycle.

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