Journal ID : ALS-13-11-2020-5536
[Volume - 10, Issue - 06]
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Title : The intestinal yeast exploration and antifungal (drugs, natural agents) examination of an autistic patient: report case
Abstract :

The proliferation of yeast, Candida albicans, in the autistic children gut was rarely reported and the suitable treatments for their limitation as well. Here, I report the outcome of stool samples analysis. This patient subjected a set of tests. Only the mycological test was discussed in order to shed more light. In addition, a checklist (Rimland E 2) was utilized in order to get more accurate anamnestic information from her parents.

I present the case of 10-years old Moroccan girl. She pursued a cognitive intervention: applied behaviour application (ABA) since she was diagnosed as child with ASD. She experienced long-lasting difficulties in establishing and maintaining social relationship. She was suffering from slight intermittent gastrointestinal ailments.

The clinical test of yeast showed a slight high yeast levels (candida albicans) and no other yeasts (non-candida albicans ) yeasts were  revealed. The resistant agents were exclusively natural; Oregano, Uva ursi, Tanalbit. But other tested antifungal was sensitive versus revealed yeast. The parents reported that the patient showed a sensible improvement of clinical symptoms after receiving a suitable anti-fungal

This case report provides evidence that patient present an infection by candida albicans and use of antifungal   drugs might be able to reduce the proliferation of yeast and GIT clinical symptoms of autistic patient as well.



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