Journal ID : ALS-25-08-2020-5498
[Volume - 10, Issue - 04]
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Title : The effect of sowing methods on the growth characteristics of wheat in Alhashemia, Iraq
Abstract :

The study aimed to identify the effect of sowing machine on wheat specification under SDBGR and SDBRO at different speeds and ranges of sowing depth. Two types of wheat sowing methods (SMBGR and SMBRO) were tested under three speeds (2.312, 3.011, and 4.192 Km .hr-1) and three levels of sowing depths (3.5, 4, and 6 cm). The experiments were conducted in a factorial experiment under a randomized complete block design with three replications. The results showed that the SMBGR was significantly better than SMBRO in all studied conditions. The study included fuel consumption, slippage percentage, power losses due to slippage machine efficiency, germination percentage, number of branches, weight of 1000 grains, number of grains in spike, and crop production. The sowing speed (2.312km hr-1) was significantly superior to the other two levels (3.011 and 4.192Km hr-1) in all studied properties, while the depth at a range of 3.5 cm was significantly superior to other two levels (4 and 6 cm) in all studied conditions

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