Journal ID : ALS-17-11-2020-5539
[Volume - 10, Issue - 06]
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Title : Systematic and chemical overview of plants likely to cause, or use for, an abortion in Moroccan women
Abstract :

One of the most widely discussed solutions to solving the problem of having an unwanted abortion is pregnancy abortion. In some countries, for social, economic or legal reasons, women seek to perform this operation under conditions of discretion: the use of plants to induce abortion is often taken for solution. Thus, in this work, using an envelope addressed to women from the Rabat-Salé-Kenitra region (Morocco) we were interested in developing a catalog of plants taken as abortives, their mode of use and their toxicity. The results show that 19 species, raged in 12 orders and 12 botanical families, are used for this purpose. Ingestion or infusion of the plant are the most used modes of use. The family Aséraceae is the most used, followed by those of Apeaceae, Lamiaceae, Punicaceae and Liliaceae. In addition, the majority of plants do not contain abortive substances; on the contrary, they are all toxic either by the chemical nature of their compounds or by excessive use of the plant.

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