Journal ID : ALS-05-12-2022-5665
[Volume - 12, Issue - 11]
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Title : Study of the effects of the extensions on the cultivated lands of Annaba’s new city Draa Erriche (North East Algeria)
Abstract :

Urban sprawl is the growth of urbanized land on the edges of cities. It causes a lot of agricultural land to be lost, which is one of the worst things about urbanization and land use. As is the case with our study, which is the effects of the extensions of the new city of Annaba on the cultivated land of the commune of Draâ Errich (northeast Algeria), this new city is located west of the Wilaya of Annaba at a distance of 20 km; it has a total area of 1344 ha, divided between housing, green space, and facilities. This new city, which has been under construction since December 2013, begins by erecting its landmarks with the rehousing of the social category, or the search for life in this urban pole. This civilization has had a negative impact on the physicochemical quality of agricultural soils in our study area, with the results indicating that these cultivated lands have lost their quality and ability to be fertile and used in agriculture, with the majority of these lands being definitively razed, cleared, and transformed into new land implanted by new constructions. Consequently, an imbalance in plant productivity was produced. So, it is very important and necessary to protect this terrestrial ecosystem against all threats and anthropogenic factors without neglecting urbanization, which has become an unavoidable necessity.

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