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[Volume - 13, Issue - 01]
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Title : Study of married women's attitude towards retirement age
Abstract :

Women in Georgia have traditionally been perceived as the main driving force in raising children and doing household chores. The existence of Georgia under Russian influence contributed significantly to the strengthening of the mentioned stereotypes. The article discusses research related to women's attitudes toward retirement-age challenges. We presume that a woman in her retirement years devotes most of her leisure time to caring for her family. That is why comparing the characteristics of women with various marital statuses seemed interesting to us. The research was conducted in the leading universities of Georgia. 630 respondents were surveyed. In accordance with the purpose of our study, we selected female respondents (453). During the research, we formulated the following hypotheses: H1: Women's marital status plays a significant role in the fear of job loss; H2: Women's fear of losing their job at retirement age is affected by whether they have children. Along with this, the article discusses the factors that influence the attitude of women toward retirement age. The mentioned issues include the purchase of high-quality products, fear of maintaining health, travel, inability to help relatives, and psychological stress due to separation from the work environment. The SPSS statistical software package was used to process the obtained results. As a result, essential recommendations were developed to help female respondents face the retirement age with dignity.

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