Journal ID : ALS-26-11-2020-5541
[Volume - 10, Issue - 07]
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Title : State of knowledge of the consumption of organic products: Case of Moroccan consumers
Abstract :

Organic products are integrated into a "universe of products" responding to new consumer expectations, linked to the desire for healthy food, environmental protection, relocation or "re- territorialization" of food, and social equity. However, many constraints that remain to be identified are still blocking the development of an "organic product" market. Among these constraints is the state of knowledge of this type of product by the consumer. The objective of our work is to contribute to the assessment of the state of knowledge and the determining factors in a sample of 280 persons. As a result, an established questionnaire makes it possible to quantify this purchasing behavior of the organic product and its consumption (Cronbach's alpha = 0.745). The results of our study show that 17.9% of people showed significant levels of knowledge about organic products. The level of education factor showed a very decisive relationship on knowledge of organic products (Chi2 = 14.07; p <0.029). In the light of these results (17%), this can be attributed to the general lack of information on organic products on the one hand and to the high prices of these products and that the level of education is a determining factor in the development of the market. of the 'organic product.

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