Journal ID : ALS-08-08-2021-5606
[Volume - 11, Issue - 05]
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Title : Small-scale Trawl and Gillnet Fisheries in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Abstract :

A total of 180 trawler and 180 gillnet fishing households were interviewed for fishing activities while fish traders/retailers (30) were interviewed for determination of fish channel market. Economic fish species composition was determined through sampling of 30 trawlers and 30 gillnets households. The results showed that trawl and gillnet fishing operated year-round. Fishing voyage of trawl was shorter, 1.9 days in average while fishing voyage of the gillnet has been unchanged. Fishing yield calculated per HP of trawlers (0.895 ton/HP/year) was seven time higher than that of gillnets (0.128 ton/HP/year). The rate of trash fish in trawler and gillnet in this study reduced. The economic efficiency of trawlers and gillnet have been improved. A large proportion of total fishery products was sold to traders/wholesalers and then transported to the processing factories and sold to the retailers in the local markets. Economic fish species from the two fishing activities has shown the typical species catching following types of fishing gears. Inclement weather and lack of capital are two main constrains for the fishing careers

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