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[Volume - 10, Issue - 01]
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Title : Reaction Yield sort on Family unit nutrition Security in HAOR Nation of Bangladesh
Abstract :

The motivation behind the investigation was to distinguish the harvest assortments in the Haor territory of Netrokona locale to limit the nourishment weakness circumstance during nourishment emergency. The examination was directed in four chose towns of Madan and Khaliajuri Upazilas under the Netrokona region. Information were gathered from haphazardly chosen 400 ranchers from the examination zone in the year 2011. The discoveries of the investigation uncovered that ranchers ordinarily develop just three HYV boro rice assortments (BR 19, BRRI dhan 28 and BRRI dhan 29) in the Haor region under examination. In aman season ranchers generally develop neighborhood assortments and they get least yield. Just barely any vegetables found to develop by the ranchers in Haor territory. The vegetables are: onion, garlic, stew, bottle gourd, sweet gourd, woman's finger and tomato. Among these onion, garlic and bean stew are for the most part developed. Numerous ranchers detailed that during the flood they needed to confront difficult issues in regard of correspondence, illnesses, expanded cost of various wares, and absence of satisfactory government security net projects/help. Ranchers' absence of flood readiness has been watched while a few ranchers remained uncared about the event of flood and thusly they didn't take any readiness for flood.

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