Journal ID : ALS-19-10-2022-5652
[Volume - 12, Issue - 10]
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Title : Preventive Effect of Cucurumin Longa against Chlorpyrifos Hepatotoxicity and Nephrotoxicity in Wistars Rats
Abstract :

The present study aims to evaluate the acute toxicity of chlorpyrifos (CPF) (an organophosphorus pesticide) on the hepatic and renal functions through the analysis of biochemical parameters (ASAT, ALAT, ALBUMIN, TOTAL PROTEIN, BLOOD UREA and BLOOD CREATININE) which indicate the presence or absence of a disorder or level of these last. As a therapy, we chose to evaluate the therapeutic potential (preventive effect) of a natural antioxidant: curcuma longa (SIGMA-ALDRICH product), a yellow-orange powder dissolved in corn oil. The study was conducted on female wistar rats (n=40), which were given a dose of 20mg/kg CPF by gavage for 3 weeks, and following this exposure significant changes in biochemical parameters were observed. Turmeric was administered orally (gavage) at a dose of 80mg/kg dissolved in 1ml/kg of corn oil 3h before administration of chlorpyrifos. After administration of chlorpyrifos, a regularisation of biochemical parameters was observed, indicating that turmeric has a rapid and remarkable therapeutic effect on physical health, and that it acts as a defence against hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity.

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