Journal ID : ALS-09-11-2022-5659
[Volume - 12, Issue - 11]
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Title : Phytoextraction Of Iron, Zinc And Copper By Barley Hordeum Vulgare L Grown In Polluted Soils Of Annaba Region.
Abstract :

Nowadays, soil pollution is a very sensitive environmental problem and often phytoremediation is associated with it as a decontamination process. Phytoremediation is a set of techniques that use plants to clean up the environment. One of them, phytoextraction, exploits the hyperaccumulate properties of certain plants that can extract large quantities of heavy metals. The physico-chemical characterization of the soils before and after barley cultivation showed a significant decrease in heavy metal levels in the soils. The analysis of the plant organs of the tested biological material showed a strong accumulation of Iron, Zinc and Copper in its roots and leaves. It also showed the increase of biochemical parameters (total proteins and proline). The results obtained show that barley is a hyperaccumulator and has protective mechanisms that allow it to tolerate excess iron, zinc and copper. Hordeum vulgare L can therefore be used to rehabilitate soils polluted by Iron, Zinc and Copper.

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