Journal ID : ALS-05-02-2021-5566
[Volume - 11, Issue - 02]
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Title : Physical Activity in adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities
Abstract :

Although there has been active research on the enhancement of physical functions and sociality through physical activities in not only general children adolescents but adolescents suffering from intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD), that there is a lack of research on adults suffering from IDD and that the population suffering from developmental disabilities are some significant points. The difference was assessed through comparing the averages of the measured results before and after participating in 20 program sessions (paired T-test) and the program satisfaction and behavioral changes of the participants were analyzed through open-ended questionnaire. The measurement results of shuttle run, sit-ups, push-ups and sit-and-stand for 30 seconds all showed statistically enhanced post-test results compared to pre-test results, and the measurement time for sit-and-stands for 5 times decreased significantly. It was verified that there were positive effects in enhancements of basic physical strength including strength, endurance, quickness and agility, and participation in physical activities when adults with IDD participated in a total of 20 weekly program sessions with the purpose of enhancing physical strength, enhancing physical activities, and developing sociability.

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