Journal ID : ALS-10-02-2021-5568
[Volume - 11, Issue - 02]
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Title : Influence of industrial infrastructure on the ecology of the region and quality of life of local population
Abstract :

The article discusses current issues of environmental inequality in the regions of Russia, relating to the quality of life of the population. The nature and specificity of the impact of environmental indicators on the socio-ecological well-being of the population, healthy lifestyle and life expectancy, as well as their perceived well-being and life satisfaction, are discussed. A survey of Russian residents living in Chelyabinsk region was used as an information base for the study. An important role in the study is assigned to such a component as the ecological situation in environmental problems. The problems of air, rivers and soil pollution, landfills, and, as a result, deterioration of health were identified as the most important environmental problems in the regions. The obtained results showed a strong correlation between environmental problems associated with industrial infrastructure and the quality of life of the population.

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