Journal ID : ALS-20-05-2020-5464
[Volume - 09, Issue - 01]
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Title : Genetic Probe OF SOME AGRONOMIC Qualities IN earth (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Abstract :

A 10×10 half diallel examination was directed on groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) to determine the quality activity and hereditary parameters of ten characteristics including half blooming, no. of units per plant, plant stature, collect file, case list, 100 case weight, 100 portion weight, case size, illnesses contamination and yield per plot. The investigations were completed in the Branch of Hereditary qualities and Plant Rearing, Bangladesh Farming College (BAU), Mymensingh during the trimming period of 2010-2011. The appraisals of quality impacts showed that criticalness of both added substance and non-added substance change for unit size, 100 case weight and maladies disease among the characteristics and nearness of over strength fulfilling presumptions of diallel aside from lethargy. Be that as it may, both the added substance and non-added substance quality influences together significance to control of most quantitative attributes in the groundnut. The normal level of strength (H1/D) 1/2 (H1 = predominance change, D = added substance fluctuation) was higher than one, showing over strength for every one of the attributes. The tight sense heritability was high for half blossoming (38%), collect list (35%), unit size (52%), 100 case weight (35%) and yield per plot (41%) showing that extraordinary hereditary addition could be accomplish

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