Journal ID : ALS-17-08-2020-5493
[Volume - 10, Issue - 03]
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Title : First assessment of soft corals species in Maspari Island, Bangka Strait, South Sumatera, Indonesia
Abstract :

The soft coral’s existents of the Maspari Island waters are strongly influenced by the dynamics of the physical-chemical parameters, which the turbidity of this water is reported very high due to is impacted discharge the freshwater masses from the mainland of Sumatra Island. This study aimed to identify the soft coral's species of Maspari Island waters. The research methodology was carried out by a survey on the fringing reefs and photographed for identified based on the coral shape and morphology. The results found three soft coral species identified as Lobophytum classarum von Marenzeller 1886, Nephthea acuticonica Verseveldt 1974 and Sinularia polydactyla Ehrenberg 1834

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