Journal ID : ALS-10-12-2022-5667
[Volume - 12, Issue - 11]
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Title : Epidemiological retrospective study of humain hydatidosis in the North Est of Algeria: Souk-Ahras
Abstract :

Hydatidosis is a serious public health problem that is spreading worldwide. A retrospective descriptive study was conducted in the Souk-Ahras region, over 12 years (2007/2018). This work aims to assess the epidemiological characteristics of hydatidosis cases in the North-East of Algeria, to know the situation of this dreaded zoonosis and to know its evolution. During this period, 192 cases were recorded at the regional hospital of Souk-Ahras. The liver is the most affected organ with a prevalence of 86.46%, followed by the lungs 10.49%, a ratio of liver / lungs of 7.9. The involvement of other organs (kidney, peritoneum, myocardium, spleen...) is rare, 2.6%. The age groups most exposed to the disease are [45-60] (33.33%). There is a female predominance with 63.63% and a sex ratio M/F of 0.57.

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