Journal ID : ALS-04-11-2022-5658
[Volume - 12, Issue - 11]
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Title : Effects of industrial discharges on the quality of soils, case of agricultural lands of the commune of Bekkouche Lakdar- Azzaba (Skikda)
Abstract :

In recent years the main causes of environmental pollution come first on the production and use of various energy sources, then industrial activities that have become the major responsible for the degradation of ecosystems and environmental disruption. The pollution of soils begins to grow, especially at the level of agricultural land where it is very important in the socio-economic field of the developing countries, namely Algeria. For this reason, this research aims to know the effect of industrial discharges of the cement plant of Hadjar Soud on the quality of agricultural land in the municipality of Bekkouche Lakdar- Azzaba (Skikda); Of which we made a physico-chemical study on the surface layer (the arable layer) of these grounds to determine the quality and the fertility of these grounds as well as to determine the industrial impact of this cement factory on the latter. The physico-chemical results show that the soils of the commune of Bekkouche Lakhdar, Azzaba, willaya of Skikda (North-East of Algeria) are degraded and less fertile, and this is due to the irrigation waters which are affected by the discharges of the cement factory of Hadjar Soud. Therefore, it is necessary to control and treat the water, before irrigating the land and cultivation practices in order to avoid any type of pollution and contamination of soils and their degradation.

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