Journal ID : ALS-07-09-2020-5505
[Volume - 10, Issue - 04]
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Title : Eating habits of college students and their opinion about balanced nutrition
Abstract :

The purpose of the paper was to investigate whether eating habits of students during college varied according to gender, family economic status and source of income. Information for the study was collected by survey method, using a questionnaire form. The research target groups consisted of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students and were evenly distributed across the Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences Osijek. Statistically significant differences were identified regarding the statements about balanced nutrition, with respect to the gender of the respondents. Students whose main income was a student job and students with a lower family economic status had a higher agreement with the statements regarding meal planning. The results of this study are a valuable source of information for the general student population and for authorities on a national level as they can be used to implement strategies to raise awareness and increase knowledge about balanced nutrition among student populations. Results of surveys such as this one provides important information on the beliefs of students about nutrition during college and also their level of knowledge about balanced nutrition

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