Journal ID : ALS-30-01-2021-5562
[Volume - 11, Issue - 02]
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Title : Current Situations of Infection Control in Postpartum Care Centers in Korea
Abstract :

This study aimed to investigate the infection occurrence and infection control (IC) status in postpartum care centers (PCCs). This study was conducted as a descriptive survey. Survey results were retrieved from 206 facilities in South Korea. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Among PCCs, 90.3% prepared IC procedures for newborn babies and mothers who were infected or suspected of being infected 95.1% of PCCs were equipped with guidelines for infection control and prevention. Seventeen percent of PCCs have been affected by infectious disease in newborns. Rota virus infections were the most common. The results imply that the occurrence of infectious disease spread through contact or droplets have been frequent among newborns in PCCs. To improve of awareness on IC among postpartum care staff, it is necessary to develop and apply systematic and continuous IC education programs.

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