Journal ID : ALS-05-08-2020-5489
[Volume - 10, Issue - 03]
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Title : Consumer Involvement, Emotion, and Balance Behavior Model to Promote Social Behavior
Abstract :

Norms, which are common behaviors observable in a social group, are widely regarded as an important factor that affects social behavioral intention. They are standards of progress that normally comes from the average achievement of a large group. However, there are other factors that provide significant influence on social behavior. Based on the rational decision-making theories, this study combined rational factors, including economic evaluation and actual control factor which greatly impact social behavioral intention and irrational factors, to construct a balance behavior model to promote consumer social behavior. Moreover, this study classified consumer emotional reactions based on their involvement into four different types namely: (1) strong emotion, (2) weak emotion, (3) empathy, and (4) touching. Furthermore, different message appeals were proposed to generate social behavior. This study found that irrational factors could have a huge impact on consumer involvement in positive social behavior

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