Journal ID : ALS-23-11-2022-5662
[Volume - 12, Issue - 11]
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Title : Comparative study of the bacteriological quality of the water intended for consumption in the city of Annaba (North-East Algeria).
Abstract :

The Cheffia dam, the Oued El Aneb borehole and the Treat borehole located at the level of the city of Annaba (North-East Algeria), constitute important works for the public drinking water supply. The water must comply with the standards of potability before its distribution. The objective of the present study is to monitor and evaluate the bacteriological quality of the studied dam and borehole water. In order to carry out this work, we have conducted a study of the evolution of the bacteriological parameters of the studied waters during the period from January to December 2021, and this by looking for the following germs: total coliforms, fecal coliforms, fecal streptococci and sulphite-reducing clostridiums. According to the results recorded this water are not recommended for direct consumption, it is necessary to pass first by a treatment before distribution. This study has highlighted the presence of a fecal contamination in the analyzed water. This contamination is worrisome and can harm human health.

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