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[Volume - 12, Issue - 07]
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Title : Comparative Review of Qualitative Research: Mentoring International Graduate Students
Abstract :

The number of international graduate students who study in the United States has been growing up and these students deal with some challenges not only from different language but also from new cultures and educational systems. Even though domestic students might manage academic and cultural problems as well as social adjustment to some degree, international graduate students’ challenges is greater than that of domestic students. In order to support international graduate students and help them adjust to different educational systems and cultures, examining their mentoring approach and addressing their experiences are crucial. This paper demonstrates a comparative review of two qualitative articles about mentoring international graduate students. Both studies examined international graduate students’ experience and their response after participating in mentoring by faculty. International graduate students deal with more language difficulties, social and cultural adjustment, and different education systems than domestic students do. By better understanding international graduate students’ experience and their challenges, faculty and professors can better support and lead them in successful academic career.

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