Journal ID : ALS-05-09-2020-5503
[Volume - 10, Issue - 04]
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Title : Base sector and labor respond to the demographic bonus: Opportunity or disaster?
Abstract :

The dynamics in developing countries must ensure whether their population is able to compete in welcoming the demographic bonus by 2025-2030. Countries like Indonesia must prepare aspects that include the quality of human resources, in order to produce a productive workforce, and ready to compete. Therefore, it is interesting for us to highlight the phenomenon of the demographic bonus and welfare of 6 regions in East Kalimantan Province. The study was designed through a quantitative approach and data were obtained from secondary. With the actual data for the period 2019, we process it using LQ analysis and fishbone diagrams. The empirical findings explain that each region has its own economic characteristics. As an illustration, Samarinda City is the region with the most basic sectors, while the smallest is East Kutai Regency (2 base sectors). This means that part of the population of East Kalimantan Province has experienced an increase in welfare because they have worked in various sectors of the economy. However, identification of priority issues needs to emphasize the study areas that do not have an advantage in the workforce in the basic sector through improving aspects of human resources, education, and health. East Kalimantan Province is known for its abundant natural resources, both opportunities, and threats if a strategic model is not developed

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