Journal ID : ALS-09-11-2020-5533
[Volume - 10, Issue - 06]
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Title : Assessment of self-esteem in victims of a work accident in Morocco : Case of Kenitra city
Abstract :

Self-esteem is a feeling that an individual feels towards himself resulting in an assessment made of the individual in relation to his own value. Good self-esteem is important in life. However, certain life events can lower it. Among the employee, a work accident could be one. Thus, the present work is interested in the evaluation of this esteem in salaried workers victims of a work accident and in evaluating the correlation of this state of esteem with factors supposed to be components of self-esteem. The esteem status of 71 victims was assessed using the Rosenberg scale. The correlation of this state with the variables studied is evaluated based on the responses to a questionnaire developed taking into account certain psychosocial variables.Statistical processing of the data collected shows that all the variables studied help to differentiate four esteem groups. In the group of victims with very low self-esteem, this state is associated with a significant change in nervousness after the event, a feeling of a slight decrease in the gaze of others towards the victim after the accident, and the victims have a secondary education level. For the category of victims with low self-esteem, this state is associated with a low change in the state of nervousness after the accident, the state of the gaze of others towards the victim who was before the accident and the victim is university educated.

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