Journal ID : ALS-20-05-2020-5475
[Volume - 10, Issue - 03]
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Title : Artificial Ultra-Violet (UV) B Light disclosure May be as critical as Vaccination
Abstract :

Ultraviolet (UV) light has been an important source in human health throughout human evolution. However, modern lifestyles, indoor jobs, cultural myths, religious beliefs and the increase of globalization has drastically reduced UV light exposure in humans, amounting to growing cancer rates, diseases and worldwide health deterioration. This commentary details various human activities, lifestyles and their effects on health worldwide. It also examines misinterpreted findings pertaining to the lack of UV light exposure that could further undermine existing health issues. UV light producing technologies to reduce adverse effects on human health are currently being used and are very effective. They are safer than sunlight, available at any time, inexpensive and could reduce healthcare costs by decreasing drug use and extensive cancer therapies. Public health agencies and healthcare providers throughout the world should make individuals aware of UV light exposure benefits.

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