Journal ID : ALS-03-10-2020-5517
[Volume - 10, Issue - 05]
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Title : Antioxidant activity of soft corals collected from Maspari Island of South Sumatra Indonesia
Abstract :

This research aimed to determine the antioxidant activity of soft corals collected from Maspari waters, South Sumatra, Indonesia for the first time. The study method was as follows; sampling, sample identification, extraction and phytochemical tests, antioxidant activity tests with a determined concentration of 50% (IC50) and HPLC analysis. The result of there were four soft corals species and one sponge found in Maspari waters, where it is identified as; Lobophytum sp., Nepthea sp., Sarcophyton sp., Sinularia sp. and Aaptos sp. The phytochemical content of five samples extracts contained all alkaloids, partially terpenoids, steroids and saponins, while flavonoids and tannins are unknown. For IC50 values of all extracts, it shown antioxidant activity with moderate categories, where extracts of the Sarcophyton sp. and Nepthea sp. species were 166.82 and 170.97 ppm, while others species were weak categories were > 200 ppm and not detected in Lobophytum sp. extracts. HPLC analysis showed that Sarcophyon sp. and Nepthea sp. extracts were detected three times higher compared to standard, where the concentrations were calculated at 340,639 ppm and 387,683 ppm. Both of soft corals species found very potential for the candidate as antioxidants

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