Journal ID : ALS-08-08-2021-5602
[Volume - 11, Issue - 04]
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Title : Anatomical Structure of the Vegetative and Generative Organs of Haplophyllum Perforatum (Rutaceae) Growing in the Conditions of Uzbekistan
Abstract :

It is known that morphological and anatomical analysis is an important method for identifying medicinal plant materials (MPR). To date, not all types of pharmacopoeial plants have an optimal description of microscopic diagnostic signs. This article presents the study of the morpho-anatomical structure of the vegetative and generative organs of the medicinal, alkaloid and essential oil plant Haplophyllum perforatum, growing in the conditions of Uzbekistan, and identifies characteristic diagnostic signs, and also determines the localization of biologically active substances. The revealed features are species-specific diagnostic signs and can be used as additional diagnostic signs for the identification of species and plant materials

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