Journal ID : ALS-26-08-2020-5499
[Volume - 10, Issue - 04]
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Title : Affecting of sowing depth and seed size on some growth characteristics for wheat,Alnoor variety
Abstract :

The effect of planting machine on the wheat Alnoor cultivar was observed based on some technical indicators, under two levels of seed size (SS & MS) and three sowing depth (D1, D2 and D3). The experiments were conducted in a factorial experiment under complete randomized design with three replications. The sowing depth D1 was significantly better than D2 and D3 in all studied parameters. For sowing depth D1, the fuel consumption, machine efficiency, germination percentage, plant vigor index, root length, root dry and fresh Weight, plant dry and fresh weight,1000 – weight grain and production of the crop, were 7.852 L. ha-1, 80.863%, 79.203% ,53.85, 17.763cm, 1.46 g, 0.55g, 3.09g, 1.42 g, 31.44g and 3.809 tha-1 respectively. The seed size (MS) was significantly superior than seed size (SS) in all parameters except mechanical properties

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