Journal ID : ALS-10-11-2020-5534
[Volume - 10, Issue - 06]
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Title : About some qualitative differences in workplaces among victims of work accidents
Abstract :

In the Moroccan employee population, the rate of workplace accidents is one of the highest in the world. Previous work has shown that for the victims the consequences of these accidents are often diverse and serious, but none of these studies has been interested in contributing to the psychosociological and behavioral characterization of the victims. Using a questionnaire sent to 82 Moroccan victims, and whose responses were statically studied by a Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA), we developed a typology of the qualitative characterization of all the victims studied. The results showed that among 26 qualitative variables estimated in victims, only six variables participated significantly in the typology of victims studied. The employee's relationship with his work colleagues, the relationship with his direct manager, the possibility of a career in his workplace, the presence - or absence - of the pleasure of working, the degree of precision required by the work, and the presence or absence of emotional burdens in the victim. Thus, only one characteristic of these victims could be considered as coming from a historical past of the victim, that is to say before the working period of his work: the possibility of having emotional charges. The other four characteristics can be developed in the victim before or during the work period.

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