Journal ID : ALS-30-10-2020-5529
[Volume - 10, Issue - 06]
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Title : A Study on the Improvement of Support Policy for Korea Information Security Start-up through Comparisons between Major Countries
Abstract :

As the ICT environment changes rapidly, global information security companies are actively working on M&As to expand their portfolios and strengthen their positions in the market. The domestic market is dominated by large companies and although the technology and responsiveness of local information security companies are of high quality, the majority remain as small and medium-sized enterprises due to the limited domestic market environment and difficulties in expanding overseas.Therefore, the purpose of this research is to examine policy improvement measures for fostering information security start-ups and strengthening their competitiveness in order to reinforce the information security industry. With the growth of the global information security market, major countries are creating clusters to increase the competitiveness of the information security industry. Each country is implementing active institutional support and start-up development policies, such as providing tax benefits, financing, training of manpower and R&D to companies through clusters. In Korea, government agencies are preparing support measures for the growth of local start-up companies, but there is a lack of active cooperation with existing companies. In particular, start-up companies need to establish infrastructure because they need information on the market environment of existing information security companies and know-how in operating companies. Therefore, if a foundation for technological cooperation and strategic alliance between existing information security companies and start-ups is provided, then the extent of the information security industry will be raised to a higher level.

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