About Us

Asia Life Sciences (ISSN: 01173375) is an open access international journal publication. Asia Life Sciences is a Philippines journal which publishes every year. the journal originally established in 2011. The journal invites all sort of original paper regarding basic and applied sciences. We also welcome review and abstract paper.

Peer Review

The initial start is single blind peer review process. that means the author will not know the identity of the reviewer. but the reviewer will know the identity of the author/authors. at least 2 reviewer review the article and thus we send the final decision to the author.

Broad Scope

The potentiality of your research will have a great impact to other researcher related to the field and together you can make a big change all over the world.


indexation enables a paper to get visible in a search engine and reach to a proper readership and that will increase a good citation.

Open Access

we have encrypted all the data of our respected authors for not being seen by third party or hacker. For the safety issue, apart from author, every individual visitor have to send request for seeing the paper. Our system will automatically detect the system whether it is a visitor or a bot. it will send the link if it find it a human.

author will need an access key to download his/her paper. His/her access key will be available in his/her author dashboard all submission list after the publication. He/she will share the access key with his/her co-author. if you click any paper, you can see which volume and which issue the paper belong.

Fast Track Peer

Once Author submit his/her paper, the review of the paper will come within 7 to 10 days. then he/she have to send his/her article processing charge within 14 days. then his/her paper will be published within 1 week.
so typically it should take 1 month from submit to publish unless the paper require major edit/ changes.