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Asia Life Sciences (ISSN: 01173375) - is an international peer reviewed scientific journal which is devoted to the publication of original research in the Life Sciences and related disciplines. Articles originating from anywhere in the world are most welcome.

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ASIA LIFE SCIENCES (ISSN: 01173375) - is an international peer reviewed scientific journal which is devoted to the publication of original research in the Life Sciences and related disciplines. Articles originating from anywhere in the world are most welcome.

Scope : Agricultural Science, Biochemistry, Biology, Forensic medicine, Community Medicine, Medical education, Pharmacy Practice, Geriatric Medicine, Biomedicine, Bioinformatics, Botany, Cytology, Cell biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Ecology, Endocrinology, Entomology, Environmental Sciences, Food science and Technology, Genetics, Genomics & Proteomics, Immunobiology, Molecular biology, Marine Science, Microbiology, Neurobiology, Pathology, Physics, Physiology, Psychology, Veterinary Science, Zoology . AMA, Agricultural Mechanization in Asia, Africa and Latin America Teikyo Medical Journal Journal of the Mine Ventilation Society of South Africa Dokkyo Journal of Medical Sciences

Latest Journals

First assessment of soft corals species in Maspari Island, Bangka Strait, South Sumatera, Indonesia
Journal ID : ALS-17-08-2020-5493; Total View : 618; Author : Dr. Rozirwan, Rezi Apri, Dr. Fauziyah, Prof. Dr. Iskhaq Iskandar,
Abstract : The soft coral’s existents of the Maspari Island waters are strongly influenced by the dynamics of the physical-chemical parameters, which the turbidity of this water is reported very high due to is impacted discharge the freshwater masses from the mainland of Sumatra Island. This study aimed to identify the soft coral's species of Maspari Island waters. The research methodology was carried out by a survey on the fringing reefs and photographed for identified based on the coral shape and morphology. The results found three soft coral species identified as Lobophytum classarum von Marenzeller 1886, Nephthea acuticonica Verseveldt 1974 and Sinularia polydactyla Ehrenberg 1834
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Different Tests for the Existence of Agricultural Cooperatives in Indonesia: Before and After COVID-19
Journal ID : ALS-15-08-2020-5492; Total View : 656; Author : Surya Darma, Adi Wijaya, Dio Caisar Darma,
Abstract : The COVID-19 pandemic has damaged the Indonesian economic system from various sectors. The sustainability of economic sectors, such as agriculture, becomes risky if not handled seriously by the Government. Cooperatives in Indonesia have become the heart of their members (especially farmers) who are highly dependent on agricultural productivity activities (production, distribution, marketing, and capital or equipment assistance). With these considerations, the purpose of this study is to discuss the extent to which the existence of Agricultural Cooperatives based on 4 variables (Number of Cooperatives, Members, Assets, and Business Volume) before and after COVID-19 takes place. Our study object focuses on 34 provinces in Indonesia during the 2019-2020 period. With this panel data, the study used a Difference Test analysis model through 2 presentations (Levene's Test for Equality of Variances and T-test for Equality of Means). From this study, it can be concluded that Assets and Business Volume are simultaneously significantly affected by COVID-19. As additional information, the results also explain that assets are an important component for the existence of agricultural cooperatives because partially they have a systematic impact compared to other variables. The value of the originality of this study has been proven in the novelty of objects, analysis models, data, and test results that have never been done by other researchers, so it is very interesting to be a reference in the future
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